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India's Oldest Toy Store presents

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Flying Machine

Guillow's propeller powered Flying Machine - a 17" wing span balsa wood airplane

Brand : Guillow's
Category : Model Kits
Sub Category : Build & Fly, Airplanes, Gliders
Product Code : Guillow's No. 75
Dimension : Width: 7.5 cms Height: 45 cms Depth: 5 cms
Recommended for : Beginners, Flying enthusiasts
Age Group : 9-12 Years | 12-14 Years | 14+ Years

Availability: Sold Out

MRP: Rs. 799
Shipping: Rs. 50

Propeller powered, 17" wing span balsa wood airplane.

A large motorplane that will swiftly climb "into the blue" when hand launched then gracefully glide to a smooth landing after the rubber motor bands unwind. 

Sleek long distance flyer - Flies hand launched or ROG (Rise-off-ground)

The Flying Machine motorplane is guaranteed to fly and provide hours of flying fun if the instructions furnished are carefully read and followed.

Hand launched flights of 12 to 15 seconds and from 250 to 300 feet in distance are normal when flying in calm air and in open space free of obstructions. Neat R.O.G. flights can be made from a smooth flying surface such as hot top, concrete or any flat 4' x 8' sheet of material. A great parent / child participation toy for children under 10 years of age. 

Complete assebly and flight instructions enclosed.

Made in USA

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